25 by 25: Learning the Guitar

This has been both an easy and challenging task.

Easy? I took piano for roughly five years and it came pretty naturally. So, I already understand chord structure and it’s not been an overwhelming thing to memorize finger patterns.

Challenging? Ow. Strings are different on the hands than ivory. Not to mention, I am one slow transitioner. All my songs kind of stutter right now. But I promise once I master one, I’ll post a video.

Regardless of the days or nights that I’ve spent blindly teaching myself and probably annoyed family members and neighbors–it is still so very relaxing. It’s completely been a solace for me while I’ve been sidelined from running. (Still, my leg. What the heck. I’ll save that continuing rant and torture for another day.) Luckily, because of all of the time strumming, I am getting an inkling better.

Something that I’m going to be near expert at soon? Stringing.

Oh, I’m apparently adept at having strings break. So now, after six months, I have strung my guitar no less than 3 times. Hopefully that decreases in the future too.

This is what peace looked like last night:

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 6.01.21 PM

Right now (don’t laugh) I was working on an easy song (hello repetitive chord structure) in “Highway Don’t Care.” Oh, yes. Tim McGraw’s new gem. I alternate in between some hymns and personal favorites, Christina Perri (however, her songs are a little more complex than I’ve graduated to yet).

My next one to tackle? I love this Mumford & Sons rendition of one of my favorite songs to sing at church. I haven’t posted many Sunday devotions lately. So, give this a listen. Even if you prefer more mainstream music perhaps you can appreciate Mumford & Sons take on a popular song. Love. I don’t think I’ll be taking on their guitar match any time soon, but perhaps in the spirit of learning I can find an easier tab to play.

3 thoughts on “25 by 25: Learning the Guitar

  1. Ohhhhhh I admire the musical people so so much. I think it is amazing that you play the piano and now are learning the guitar. I can only imagine what that must feel like (no long fingernails allowed). I always wanted to learn how to play the harp…. but alas, never did.

    Keep it up!

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