Deepak Chopra on relationships.

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.”


I’m usually a positive person. But today I am decidedly negative.

Luckily I found this quote at the right time on a friend’s Facebook:

“My disappointments are God’s kindness. It is through my disappointments that God is working to give me something better.”

I’m just feeling kind of icky today about a lot of things. I hate feeling this way; little echoes of self doubt. But I feel like there are little clouds hanging around today that I can’t ignore.

Blame it on hormones.

Blame it on mis-handling change.

I’m just very blah and unsure today.

But I have to remind myself, even in the midst of uncertainty. Even in the midst of insecurity and fear—there is a plan. And it’s all going to work out just perfectly fine.

Turn it up, Monday afternoon: Dispatch.

Week 13: Dispatch

This is a throwback to the 1990’s and once you hit play you’ll probably have a wave of “Oh, I remember this and actually know this song” wash over you. “The General” in the video above is part of Dispatch’s sophomore album “Bang, Bang”, hitting in 1998. The band which infuses some reggae, rock into some soulful indie is a great mix to shuffle with the likes of the Avett Brothers and Amos Lee. My favorite Dispatch album might be the “Who Are We Living For?” album with tracks like “Carry You” and “Headlights.”

I must be channeling my inner 10-year-old is all that I can figure, because this is taking me right back to the late-90s today.

Satisfactions of the weekend.

  • Choosing to stay in on a Friday night.
  • Staying in on a Friday night, eating pie, drinking wine and watching “Argo”? Even better.
  • Sleeping in until I’m rested. Not until I’m comatose. Not before I want to wake up.
  • Thinking critically and enjoying some thought-provoking talks at a TEDx event.
  • Spending quality time with new friends.
  • Going out, even when you don’t want to.
  • Planning to stay out until 10 p.m.; but instead have so much fun that you don’t leave until the wee morning hours.
  • Committing to a new church.
  • Being 100 percent at church when you’re there.
  • Finding reasons to walk places instead of drive.
  • Run 6 miles. In 54 minutes. And feel satisfied.
  • My knees saw sunshine for the first time in months.
  • Bright new running shoes that are more vibrant, bold and fun.
  • Having the comfort and ability to go eat a dinner at a Mexican restaurant when you want to.
  • All by yourself.
  • And not feel guilty for eating all the chips. All the salsa.
  • Having a lot of reasons to smile throughout the day for a something that might not be an anything, but certainly isn’t a nothing.

Sunday Devotion: I’m all in.

This morning was a big deal. Celebrating it’s second anniversary, the church I’ve been attending announced adding another service each Sunday. AND another location. Wild, wild things are happening in Christ there. All of that means that they need some service, volunteers and giving to make it happen. Shanice and I walked through the door this morning already anticipating officially joining the church–and after hearing that? We were joining and already listing five different ways we wanted to help support more.

This is a huge deal and one more chapter in the testament that is: God answers prayers. God answers prayers. . .