Satisfactions of the weekend.

  • Choosing to stay in on a Friday night.
  • Staying in on a Friday night, eating pie, drinking wine and watching “Argo”? Even better.
  • Sleeping in until I’m rested. Not until I’m comatose. Not before I want to wake up.
  • Thinking critically and enjoying some thought-provoking talks at a TEDx event.
  • Spending quality time with new friends.
  • Going out, even when you don’t want to.
  • Planning to stay out until 10 p.m.; but instead have so much fun that you don’t leave until the wee morning hours.
  • Committing to a new church.
  • Being 100 percent at church when you’re there.
  • Finding reasons to walk places instead of drive.
  • Run 6 miles. In 54 minutes. And feel satisfied.
  • My knees saw sunshine for the first time in months.
  • Bright new running shoes that are more vibrant, bold and fun.
  • Having the comfort and ability to go eat a dinner at a Mexican restaurant when you want to.
  • All by yourself.
  • And not feel guilty for eating all the chips. All the salsa.
  • Having a lot of reasons to smile throughout the day for a something that might not be an anything, but certainly isn’t a nothing.

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