The art of being alone.

Every single personality test in the world will tell you that I’m an extrovert.

Lately I haven’t really played the part though.

“Why couldn’t you just go to a bar to watch the Panthers game?” Andy asked me tonight as we chatted about the Panthers nauseating loss to the Seahawks.

(More irritating? The game was blacked out in Boston––for what, I thought, was no good reason. Usually I love some home shopping TV but please don’t try to sell me a pressure cooker instead of showing me the game I need to watch. I digress.)

“Well, I wouldn’t want to go to the bar alone,” I said.

“You could ask someone to go with you. . . ”

Haha, I just laughed and shook my head. In total rare form, I was completely and utterly alone practically all weekend and it was exactly what I wanted.

For the first time. . . in a long time . . .I had an apartment to myself and no commitments for deadlines or people breathing down my neck. It seemed 100 percent appropriate to sleep too late, watch Lifetime movies, cook comfort food, go on some runs and embrace no make-up for almost 48 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.46.40 PM

Isn’t Boston just beautiful? This is one of the best parts of this Sunday.

Honestly, it seemed to be the only logical way to spend the last two free days that I’ll likely have for the next 12 days. Starting tomorrow I enter the outer rings of torment . . . All leading up to the summation of all of my graduate thesis work on Tuesday, November 4th. For those of you outside of Bean Town and out of ear distance from all my talk of politics, my thesis is to produce a three-hour live results show chronicling polling updates and coordinating live reporters across the East Coast. To say that it’s an ambitious project is to put it lightly.

Extroverts typically get energy from being around other people and socializing. I completely, entirely do just that. But for this size of project and the amount of focus needed––it seems only reasonable that I took it quiet. I hunkered down. And I feel ready now for the marathon that starts tomorrow at 6:30AM.

Prayers that “The Midterms 2014” goes off without a hitch!

8 Days Until My Thesis is Done….

19 Days Until Katie Visits….

31 Days Until Seattle….

55 Days Until I Move Home….

….Holy Crap….



…Signals of back to life….

I won’t belabor you with the reasons or how “crazy busy” (but for real) my grad-school life has been. Instead, I’ll share with you my thoughts and lusts and happinesses on this Friday night.

In things I want, pencils that make me write in my Journal again. I have all the feels and too little time to write them. Related, y’all it is HARD to live 3000 miles away from your boyfriend who you both love very much and also are used to pretty much seeing every waking moment of the day.

In other things that I’m missing: home. For some reason, perhaps it’s being busy or maybe it’s my second autumn away from home, but I’ve been really craving time with my best friends and family. It’s odd to not be able to have “birthday weekend” with Brooke. It’s not fun to see all of the Instagram photos from Appalachian’s Homecoming and not be there. Meh! I need to make a serious point to schedule trips home next fall so that I can join in on the fun again!!! PS: Someone buy me this, also.

Imma get a dog. A dachshund dog. Shhh, don’t mention it to my Mom. She doesn’t realize that she’s actually going to get it. Well, she’s going to get two. In all of my “I miss home,” “I want to be comforted,” “I’m entering a new, stay at home more, little bit lamer stage of life and am now magically ready for a dog” — well, I’ve decided that I’m ready for a new dachshund or two. My obsession has resulted in too much Pinteresting and daydreaming about a little fellow named Franklin.

I’m ready to start running. Yes, I realize that writing, NC, dachshunds and running are old news when it comes to Ashley — but stick with me. I haven’t ran normally in SIX months again. I re-injured my stress fracture in April and since then it’s been a frustrating path of getting fluffy. But I ran twice in the last week to no visible after effects on the leg. That means tomorrow I will try to run one mile. And then I’ll walk a lot. But if tomorrow is one mile it’s maybe one more mile closer to be being back to six. Part of my stress craze comes from not running regularly. I just know it. Side note: Check out “16 Breathtaking Runs Across The Country” by Buzzfeed. THIS is my front yard right now, basically. I need Andy to take me on the Seattle run this Thanksgiving.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.43.02 PMAll of this missing home, looking forward to what comes next stuff aside? Living in Boston is perfect for me. This city, every day I’m reminded, is a perfect place for my personality. It’s vibrant in an old, quiet, subtle way. The brick, the brownstone, the people. I really love living here. How many people can say that they walked past the lights of Fenway Park on their way home every night this week? I love that this week’s errands took me through the Boston Common, by Copley Square and constantly around the shadow of the Citgo sign. Boston is good. And while, foremost right now Boston feels brief. It is still, continuingly, a sweet goodness. I still know that this is just where I’m supposed to be.

So, consider this a dip of the toes.

I’m ready to be writing again.

And I’m ready to be talking about where this adventure is going next.

Perhaps all of the distractions above? Writing. North Carolina. Dachshunds. Running. Those distractions of comforts will keep me distracted from the anxieties that keep reminding me that change is … again … right around the corner.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.40.04 PM