ashley davis

Ashley:  An Associate Producer at CNN International in Atlanta, I got a shot at growing into my dream job after taking a chance, quitting my job as an advertising account executive and embarking on an adventure in Boston to get my master’s in broadcast journalism at Boston University. I believe that any worry can be solved with either: a nice long hike; a double-header or some time in the Bible. 

Actually on the Line: For years I had a blog that I loved and would collect inspiration and motivation to post there. But whenever I would start to write about my life, I slapped a filter on it. I would post cliché verses and quotes about living life to the fullest; but when it came to application––I was all about the comfort zone.

Then one day, I woke up. And realized that life is way too fragile to be “fine.” Life is way too beautiful to do the “day-by-day.”

I wanted color and vitality. I wanted to feel the inspiration I collected and I wanted to apply the motivation. I wanted to say “I want to do that,” and then go do it. I wanted to feel full of love and joy. I wanted to say the things I meant and I wanted to be as honest with myself as I was with everyone else.

And gradually as I applied this newfound perspective, every single thing started to change.

I was having more fun. I was making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. I was checking off goals and I was actually seeing things through the finish. I wasn’t letting a day close without the feeling of giving that one day my entirety.

While I might just be 20-something years old and still figuring out life, and my life is sometimes far from what you might call interesting, I still felt the need to go further and share the adventure. On the eve of my 24th birthday, the 25 by 25 List was born–as was the idea to have a blog where I was actually as frank online as I am in person. Ever since the 25 List wrapped up, life has continued with a full focus on adventure. Today that adventure includes melding my new life in Atlanta with family and friends around the country–and my love all the way on the West Coast.

A lot has changed in two years–but one thing remains the same–friends, it’s all actually on the line.

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