Countdown to Race 1.

Okay, so this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to a 5K–but this is the first of three races building up to my first half marathon. Pretty crazy excited that this time i get to be a part of the Color Run. This. This will be me in just under TWO weeks.

And I am feeling pretty awesome.

Keeping to my running schedule? Yes.

How many miles now? Yesterday I ran seven. (Seven!)

And my pace isn’t half bad; but I need to keep working in hills. I have been forewarned that Nashville is by no means flat. So, hills. Circuits. Sprints. All of that need to be added more.

Two weeks until a 5K.

Five weeks until a 10K (Charleston, here we come).

Eight weeks until 13.1.

Yikes. But, I feel like I’ll be ready!

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