Half Birthday; But a Lot of 25s Left to Do.

Number 8, take a trip with brother, is officially done. This past weekend the two of us went to Charleston and also tackled number 5 to break out my should-have-been-used-by-now tent. 25 by 25s getting checked off all just in time for the half-way mark today; my half birthday (not something I celebrate, PS).


In the things that were my favorite of the three days, not to be missed are:

– An abundance of Chacos weather,

– Campfires,

– Road trips with bad food,

– Sleeping bag conversations,

– Wandering downtown Charleston and Fort Sumter/Moultrie,

– Running one of the most fun races I have ever been a part of.

The Cooper River Bridge run was incredible. 40,000 people is astounding. And running in the midst of that many people? Overwhelming. But the adrenaline seriously carried me through at least half of the race. Then I just purely enjoyed the back half. My pace was actually a little slower than I felt capable of but because of the people and I had never raced that far I kind of cruised a bit. Still finished in under 53 minutes; so I was quite happy.

Overall, this weekend was awesome. Now I’m just sad that it’s over. I guess now I can shift focus to Nashville. Cue butterflies.

Six months to go and 14 to-dos remain, some scheduled, some ongoing and some that I need to make a move on. Need to start making some more plans for books, education, acting, shooting, publishing and traveling – ha.

What Remains:

  1. Learn to play guitar. In progress.
  2. Get a stamp in my way-too-empty passport. Canada in January…but no stamp, so not 100 percent done.
  3. Write a book proposal.
  4. Run a half marathon. April 27, 2013
  5. Volunteer time somewhere that really counts. Find a non-profit to dedicate passion.
  6. Re-immerse in the arts: read more, listen to bands I’ve never heard of. Ongoing.
  7. Continue my education. Enroll in a class or make a point to find non-traditional ways to keep challenging myself and growing.
  8. When you see family members are calling, answer it. When you see long-distance friends are calling your phone, answer it. When you don’t want to call, don’t underestimate the power of sending the unexpected letter. Ongoing.
  9. Be outrageously spontaneous at least once. Want to watch a sunrise on the coast? Go. Want to see that band that only plays on weeknights at a hole-in-the-wall in New York? Make it happen.
  10. Try for other acting experience.
  11. Learn how to handle a firearm. Okay, and maybe shoot one too.
  12. Be published in a news forum that I haven’t been published in before.
  13. Be vulnerable. It’s OK to tell people how I feel every so often. In fact, I should tell some people every single day.
  14. See a play on Broadway.

Countdown to Cooper River Bridge!

Just two days and we’ll be setting up camp in Charleston, S.C.!

Not only is it my first time tent camping in far too long. (I hope it’s the first of many instances this summer.) But, it’s the first trip my brother and I have taken just the two of us.

I’m excited for waking up to the birds and the sunrise. Hot tea and oatmeal. The ocean. Running 6 miles. Good music. Maybe some comedy club. And just enough good car time.

Fingers crossed for warm, sunny weather because I’m sick of feeling so pale. And also fingers crossed that I don’t forget any essentials.

Craziest thought is that after this race is over, the next one is the Nashville Half. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it; but after my 10-mile run on Monday I’m feeling confident.

This month is going to be so, so great. I just know it.

Countdown to Race 1.

Okay, so this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to a 5K–but this is the first of three races building up to my first half marathon. Pretty crazy excited that this time i get to be a part of the Color Run. This. This will be me in just under TWO weeks.

And I am feeling pretty awesome.

Keeping to my running schedule? Yes.

How many miles now? Yesterday I ran seven. (Seven!)

And my pace isn’t half bad; but I need to keep working in hills. I have been forewarned that Nashville is by no means flat. So, hills. Circuits. Sprints. All of that need to be added more.

Two weeks until a 5K.

Five weeks until a 10K (Charleston, here we come).

Eight weeks until 13.1.

Yikes. But, I feel like I’ll be ready!

Getting healthy. Or, at the very least, trying.

Last week was the perfect storm of eating out. It was terrible (in the best way, of course). But it was at the least paired with some good workouts, a re-introduction to “Insanity,” a very strenuous 4.5-mile hike and finally a weekend-wrap up 5-mile run. Victory in physical forms. Less in eating forms.

But today, thanks to encouragement from officemate Victoria, I have a fun new water cup (seriously, we find motivation in the most simple ways) and am determined to up my water consumption.

I’m remembering to put on chapstick.

I’m lifting weights again.

Getting more sleep.

Going to paint my nails (it’s weird how that can make you feel more put together and focused).

And getting my butt to the gym in the morning. And hopefully, starting tomorrow, also in the evening. 10K is already on the calendar for April 6th and I’m feeling more and more confident for the half-marathon April 27th!

I figure with a 5-mile run this week, if I up my longest run by one mile each week I’ll have plenty of time to get up to par over the course of the next two months.

This girl refuses to be afraid of a swimsuit come the month of May.

Seeking ridiculously fun running partners, who are also good for follow-through.

 One of my best friend, Michelle’s, first 5k last year–this is prior to being beasted by some serious hills.

Anyone up for a half marathon?

OK, friends. I have this half marathon that must happen before October (thank you, 25 by 25) and I’m really leaning toward the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Nashville, April 27th.

But only three things will make that as fun as it can be:

1) I really need to get my butt in training order. But four months feels very, very feasible. (Disclaimer, I have trained for this in the past.)

2) I need friends to either commit to run with me or go and hold me accountable.

3) A huge build-up of excitement. Races of this nature just require a lot of motivation. And I think 80 percent of that comes from the anxiety : ) and excitement that you’re going to run over 13 miles. And you’re going to celebrate so hard when you finish. So, I’m looking for others who can get as excited about this as I am. And I’m forewarning you for more posts about progress along the way.

Sound a little long? How about half of a half marathon?

An alternative consideration, if you’re not ready for half-marathon level commitment yet is the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run, which is a 10K.

Deets? It’s April 6, 2013 and just over 6 miles. Totally do-able in four months time! Registration needs to get in soon though; and if you register by January 15th you get your name on your bib.

Alright runner friends, who’s up for some event t-shirts and a little bit of sweat?