Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 4: John Prine


Okay, Okay. This one isn’t like it’s someone I have never heard before. But I don’t know how often I’ve really listened in the past. But something about Christmas (and, all right, every day these days) it seems like a good time for some Americana. If you’ve never listened to Prine, I’m not going to even try to point out all of the awards and praise he’s received since he broke out in the 1970s. Just know that if you like modern Americana music, it’s likely been influenced in one way or another by Mr. John Prine. Oh, and he writes a pretty great song too. Some favorites are his mid-career albums “Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings” and “The Missing Years;” and even today I can’t just pick one to share. So, here, have two:

An everyday favorite:

John Prine: This Love is Real

And a Christmas one for good measure:

John Prine: Silver Bells

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