Turn it Up: A Familiar Returning Favorite

Song: “Wherever is Your Heart”

Artist: Brandi Carlile

Why I picked it: I was shopping this weekend in an adorable boutique and had one of those moments where you stop and ask the owner what playlist they have playing. Brandi Carlile’s new album was playing a number of times and this song in particular was the one that punched me over the edge to ask. I was swaying, smiling and wondering why I had never really listened to her before–even though I’ve heard about a million times. (Hello, one of the biggest Avett fans ever right here.)

Best part of this song: When a chorus has really great lyrics I don’t mind repetitiveness. This one rings genuine to me. And maybe it’s because I feel it in my day to day. Ignore the sappiness, listen and see if you feel the same way about someone.

Favorite lyric: Wherever is your heart I call home / Though your feet may take you far from me, I know


Turn It Up: Oregon Cabin 8-Track Smooth

Song: “Buddy”

Artist: Willie Nelson

Why I picked it: When we stayed in a tiny provincial…rustic…cabin this weekend at the Oregon Coast one of our sources of entertainment was an eight-track player. I kid you not. Lucky us, there was an excellent eight-track selection from Waylon Jennings to Johnny Cash, and even Willie Nelson. This song has been on repeat in my mind ever since it played in the background of Andy and I playing a game of “Stratego” Thursday night. It was a really wonderful simplistic night and everything that I love about this song was what I loved about that evening. It’s a wonderful reminder of the soothing, smoothing, familiarities in life that we should embrace more often. A maybe simplistic melody and lyric combination; but it’s what is so straightforward about it that breaks your heart right around the song and makes you hold on tight.

Best part of this song: Willie Nelson isn’t all the tough guy he always seems. In fact, he can write quite the love song for his man friend. Buddy.

Favorite lyric: Laugh with me, buddy / Jest with me, buddy

Turn it up, Monday morning: Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers

Week 43: Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers

I’ve missed the last two weeks, eek! I need to stop drawing attention to when I’m underserving this blog–but part of me feels like that’s some accountability to step it back up. Zoe Muth was pointed out to me this weekend (credit to Andy)–and they’re pretty great. Reminds me a little bit of Americana like Gillian Welch, but also with some ties to old country like Johnny Cash and Patty Griffin. Definitely par for the type of music that makes me feel at home and the same music you know I love so dearly to share with you. I like the one above, “I’ve Been Gone,” but also like “Heart Like A Wheel” also. Now I’m in a very country mood, hope you are too–Happy Monday.

Turn it up, Monday morning: Bear’s Den

Week 39: Bear’s Den

Thanks to my friend Elizabeth (who was able to SEE The Lone Bellow up close this past weekend at the Americana Festival), I was pointed in the direction of Bear’s Den. It’s not surprise I love their music at this point. Acoustic flair? Banjo? Folk-rock style? Done, done and done. Check out this latest group who has spent some time opening for Mumford & Sons. Enjoy, and happy Monday!

Turn it up, Monday morning: The Whiskey Rebellion

Week 34: The Whiskey Rebellion

I actually recommend you go to The Whiskey Rebellion’s webpage to listen to “Where the Devil Roams the Hills,” because sadly I cannot post––but it’s an excellent example of why this Americana band is so awesome. I’m back to a bluegrass kick after looking for an Appalachian band for some work research. I stumbled on The Whiskey Rebellion out of Richmond, Va. and loved their music. It’s pure. They haven’t launched new music since 2009 but they’re still playing shows all over the country. If you like Carolina Chocolate Drops or have a taste for Doc Watson, you’ll like the bluegrass in this music. They may be from Virginia, but they sound like North Carolina to me.

Turn it up, Monday morning: Dawes

Week 15: Dawes

Little surprise with all of the Mumford & Sons that I’ve been replaying lately that I would be attracted to Dawes who spent some time opening for Mumford. If you listen to the most popular linked above, “When My Time Comes,” you won’t be surprised. Dawes channels the same folk, Americana-inspired mellow harmonies. Most of my favorites are from the original 2009 debut “North Hills” album; but “A Little Bit of Everything” from the later “Nothing is Wrong” album is also pretty great. Intensely jealous of the people at SXSW this week who could catch Dawes pretty much any day of the week starting Tuesday.

Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 4: John Prine


Okay, Okay. This one isn’t like it’s someone I have never heard before. But I don’t know how often I’ve really listened in the past. But something about Christmas (and, all right, every day these days) it seems like a good time for some Americana. If you’ve never listened to Prine, I’m not going to even try to point out all of the awards and praise he’s received since he broke out in the 1970s. Just know that if you like modern Americana music, it’s likely been influenced in one way or another by Mr. John Prine. Oh, and he writes a pretty great song too. Some favorites are his mid-career albums “Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings” and “The Missing Years;” and even today I can’t just pick one to share. So, here, have two:

An everyday favorite:

John Prine: This Love is Real

And a Christmas one for good measure:

John Prine: Silver Bells