What’s your “puppy” to de-stressing?

When I’ve had a stressful day at work where perhaps I called up video of Syria instead of Iraq (seriously a big problem), or I’ve cut off a reporter too short — or missed a good opportunity to pitch a story; on those days I like to come home, light some apple-scented candles and turn on some Sinatra.

I’ll sit in the quiet and try to melt away the parts of the day that I wished were more perfect.

Maybe I’ll splash some wine in a glass or grab whatever the latest cider or beer is in the door of the fridge.

And then I veg.


On pretty days, I crack the door and take it to the porch.

Before you know it I’ve dialed my Mom on the phone, we’ve talked 45 minutes, and all of the stresses of the day are somewhere else.

While this really is a form of perfection to me–I have a dream of adding a fuzzy something to that equation.

Back when my family had a dachshund there was absolutely nothing like cuddling up in the recliner, dog curled at your side, breathing steadily, looking at you with those doe eyes—and there was no way to stay tense. She would lick your hand in comfort, push her nose up under your elbow, and wiggle down deep into the crevices to get as close to you as possible.

You can take away the Sinatra, fresh air, candles and wine — a dachshund does all of that relaxing for you and more all by itself.

While, a dachshund lover like myself may think that they’re THE BEST, I know that pretty much any dog can have this effect.

It just has to be yours.

Sadly my schedule and personal budget right now aren’t conducive to a furry friend BUT that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming.

In those quiet moments reflecting on what life would be like with a dog–one of my favorite thoughts is what to name it.

I find dogs with absurdly human names incredibly adorable and hilarious.

Thus, my list of possible dog names includes:

  • Kevin
  • Keith
  • Franklin

I need to work on girl options. Related, I’m having trouble getting anyone on board with Keith.

So, you can tell I have work to do before I add a dog to my life.

But in the important things of being excited about eventually segueing into the adulthood of pet ownership; I’m totally ready.

One day. Hopefully one day soon.

in the meantime, what’s a girl to do?

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Instagram / Harlow and Sage

Instagram / Harlow and Sage

It will get you by while you don’t have a dog. Or it’ll get you by sweeter even if you do.



On a Saturday morning:

I am sitting here thinking about a lot of things, but the most important? *disclaimer, full of randomness.*

– Goodness gracious I need to never be anxious. God has some pretty great things up his sleeve. Stop worrying, crazy child.

– I want a dog. Ah, geeze, do I want a dog. Things in this favor? My office allows dogs. I live across the street from my office. I mean, seriously. And then there’s this face:


– It’s not “Turn it up, Monday morning” time—but dag, you guys should check out James Vincent McMorrow. Especially if you’re in the mood for “wintry wistfulness” as The Guardian called it. I somehow just discovered him this morning. The first song I’ve listened to is my favorite so far, And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop. Great original stuff, but he also has some really interesting and different covers of “Higher Love” and some Adele and Chris Isaak. Lovely music to start my day.


– I need to start a packing list to go home. I only have to travel three hours, but I’m going to be there a week so you better believe I’m going to have way too much stuff going with me. Can’t forget anything!

– Speaking of clothes, I need to find cute winter, snow-weather clothes for my travels next month. This Boone girl has let her winter closet get a little sparse with the season that they call “winter” in the Triad. Put to the to-do. Anyone think I could find some good sales post-holiday? Fingers crossed.

– Even more important to-do? Get my butt in action cleaning this apartment. But oh, how I do not want to. Gruuuumble.

Okay, with that I know I must stop procrastinating. Have a lovely Saturday, friends! xxx.