Turn it up, Monday morning: *NSYNC

Week 37: *NSYNC

After last night’s VMAs I’m left with all the regret of having a Miley Cyrus “Turn It Up” and all the joy of posting *NSYNC this morning. Last night their surprise reunion left me with three reactions:

1) Wow, they look old.

2) Dag, that was short.


12-year-old Ashley was hella flipping out. And it was the best.

Thank you, JT for restoring the VMAs integrity.


Turn it up, Monday morning: Miley Cyrus

Week 35: Miley Cyrus

No shame.

After a weekend of roadtripping 5 hours to Atlanta, Ga. to spend a rowdy two days with very little sleep and lots of fun, I had to be at work at 7 a.m. this morning. This girl is SLEEPS. And every time this freakin’ catchy song came on in the car on our trips there was some unashamed excitement. I can’t help it. And I would probably be more embarrassed about posting some Miley on a Monday morning––but today, I don’t even care : ) Now if only I knew more of the words than “And we can’t stop….”

Happy new week!