Turn it Up: A Familiar Returning Favorite

Song: “Wherever is Your Heart”

Artist: Brandi Carlile

Why I picked it: I was shopping this weekend in an adorable boutique and had one of those moments where you stop and ask the owner what playlist they have playing. Brandi Carlile’s new album was playing a number of times and this song in particular was the one that punched me over the edge to ask. I was swaying, smiling and wondering why I had never really listened to her before–even though I’ve heard about a million times. (Hello, one of the biggest Avett fans ever right here.)

Best part of this song: When a chorus has really great lyrics I don’t mind repetitiveness. This one rings genuine to me. And maybe it’s because I feel it in my day to day. Ignore the sappiness, listen and see if you feel the same way about someone.

Favorite lyric: Wherever is your heart I call home / Though your feet may take you far from me, I know


Turn it up, Monday morning: Mandolin Orange

Week 45: Mandolin Orange

This week I return to my homeland with a North-Carolina based duo, Mandolin Orange, who have been playing together since 2009 out of Chapel Hill. Such a beautiful blend of vocals and string. I feel pretty comfortable classifying them in the bluegrass spectrum, but I don’t think you have to like bluegrass to like Andrew and Emily’s music. “The House of Stone” is their most well known; but you can hear a pretty great cover with Roseanne Cash of “Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow” or, my favorite, “Life On a String.”

Turn it up, Monday night: Bryan John Appleby

Week 42: Bryan John Appleby

Should I rename this series “Turn Indie up, Monday morning”? I don’t know. Maybe. But I did post Selena Gomez last time . . . Regardless, back on track this week with Seattle-based songwriter Bryan John Appleby. Very mellow and laid back, this primarily acoustic artist is a new favorite. I somehow found him based on liking The Lone Bellow and have really been enjoying this main hit, “Honey Jar” shown above. Happy Monday night, my friends.

Turn it up, Monday morning: Bear’s Den

Week 39: Bear’s Den

Thanks to my friend Elizabeth (who was able to SEE The Lone Bellow up close this past weekend at the Americana Festival), I was pointed in the direction of Bear’s Den. It’s not surprise I love their music at this point. Acoustic flair? Banjo? Folk-rock style? Done, done and done. Check out this latest group who has spent some time opening for Mumford & Sons. Enjoy, and happy Monday!

Turn it up, Monday morning: The Lone Bellow

Week 38: The Lone Bellow

Okay, who wants to accompany me to see The Lone Bellow in Boston on November 20 at The Paradise Rock Club? I absolutely love this indie folk rock from The Lone Bellow who originated in Brooklyn. The group just recently released a self-titled debut album which I’m quickly powering through. I love it so much and it’s amazing how much they kind of feel like The Genuine to me (they are still one of my favorite “Turn it Up” features I’ve ever done) out of Winston-Salem. I guess you could say this band’s music just feels like home.

I have no idea the lyrics. But I cannot turn this off. Repeat. And again.

I raved about The Genuine, a local band in Winston-Salem, a few weeks ago in a Turn It Up post. And tonight I’ve aimlessly landed on some more of their songs. I recognize the one above, “The Light of Love,” from when I saw them perform. I have no clue most of what he’s singing but:

1) I love it.

2) This is filmed in Black Cat. Only the BEST restaurant in Boone.

3) This makes me double-happy.

Listen. And enjoy as much as I am.

Turn it up, Monday morning: The Genuine

Week 26: The Genuine

You guys, this is my FAVORITE post for a “Turn it Up” yet. Why? Because I was at a bar in Winston-Salem on Friday night and suddenly heard a great familiar indie, folksy tune and was completely mesmerized by this band, The Genuine, and their music. I loved it so much that I hurried and snatched a business card after the set. Absolutely entranced. No surprise with the acoustic nature and dreamy vocals. The song, “Western Carolina” below is just one of theirs.

If you like music with a soul that sounds like it comes from North Carolina; listen. Right now.

Sorry, I’m being a little bossy with my recommendations lately — but this band is so fly.

If you like it, check out more on their site.

And if you really like it, message me up and let’s go to their next Winston-Salem show.

Turn It Up, Tuesday Morning: Gregory Alan Isakov

Week 25: Gregory Alan Isakov

Isakov has a new album hitting June 11th that I will be really excited to hear; especially after enjoying “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” so much. If you like Iron & Wine and then listen to Isakov–you won’t be surprised that Isakov likes them too. If you recognize the name, but not the song check out “The Stable Song” and it might ring a bell as one of Isakov’s better known songs. Sweet and soulful, this kind of acoustic is exactly what I needed to ease into a workday post-holiday weekend. Excuse the day-late Turn It Up, Monday : ).