Forty Days of Dating.

I am winning at the internet today. I have the BEST thing to share with you today.

#1) Forty Days of Dating

Sounds like a chick read, right? “Oh someone’s given up dating for Lent and posted a blog about it. Groundbreaking.”

But you’d be wrong.

“What do you do when you’re tired of the prospect of dating? Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days.” — Forty Days of Dating

So, it’s two designers. Be prepared for so much typography porn. And the 40 days? It’s a reference to how many days it takes to break a habit. (Kind of curious that Lent is 40 days . . . some other things are making sense, but I digress.)

They tell their story in an amazing way: side-by-side questionnaires, same questions, every day. Seeing their answers next to each other and the progression of their relationship throughout the experiment is fascinating.

Timothy (the “can’t-commit” guy) and Jessica (the “fall-too-fast” girl) give a wealth of relationship background and opinions that are very relatable. If you can’t relate to Jessica on a self-perspective, you’ve probably been involved with a Jessica. If you can’t relate to Time on a self-level, then you’ve definitely dated or been friends with a Timothy.

I find it so interesting to see their approaches to the experiment; their reactions to the same situations; their worries and musings when it comes to considering the future of a relationship and even what’s influenced them personally to shape how they act and what they’re looking for.

I read the About page. I read the bios. I watched the video. And then I read (starting at the bottom on the home page) Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4. . . .all the way to Day 10 and thought, “WHERE ARE THE REST?!” I was convinced that they are going to fall in love based on this experiment, and I needed vindication that I was right.

But where were the rest of the days!?

No fear.

They’re in the midst of posting a new day every day. Today was 11. Tomorrow will be 12.

I’m fascinated. And we all know how bossy I get when I find things I like. So, go read : ).


On not writing about relationships.

This blog is aptly named “Actually on the Line” because I pledged to lay it all out there. However, all my paragraphs have fallen curiously mute on one topic in my life.


While I’m not quite the minxy, 20-something that would have chapters on chapters to write about when it comes to relationship developments and romance; there have been compartments of the past 14 months that have gone in investment to certain others.

Yet, this is the one line that I’ve drawn on talking about my life, my goals, my hopes, my 25 by 25s, my work and my travels. No talk about love (or the hope of it).


“Aren’t you being hypocritical censoring yourself?” you may wonder.

And sometimes I think that maybe I am.

But the truth of the matter is that I simply don’t feel comfortable writing about something that is so typically emotionally charged to write about only A) expose personal things about someone else (hey, this isn’t all about me) or B) put hopes in black and white on this blog. Oh goodness, when you talk about something it makes it real, right? Please ignore that as a symptom of weariness.

I far prefer to post obscure quotes, photos or third-party dialogues that relate to my situation and passively insinuate that I have a life outside of friends and family : ).

What do you think? Do you blog about dating?

I know that I would feel far different about it if it were something established. A bonafide, facebook-official, instagram-ridiculous relationship. But simply to write about my dating experiences, mishaps, rages, swoons and dreams––oye, I already feel too personal writing that sentence.

So tell me, if you do write about those infant relationships––how do you do it? Do you worry about them reading? Or do you worry about an online track record to your dating history?

One of my closest friends in the world writes a rather candid blog on just this matter at Confessions of a Love Addict. I adore her candor and I think that’s obviously why she has so many faithful following readers; but for me I shiver to think about future interests reading about my past. Or God forbid, current interests reading about my present. (Someone thinks an awfully lot of their blog, right?)

So, here it was. Me on relationships. I have them, yet don’t write about them. What about you?

PS: Maybe I’ll break that in the future. In the wise words of J-Biebs, “never say never.”