I have no idea the lyrics. But I cannot turn this off. Repeat. And again.

I raved about The Genuine, a local band in Winston-Salem, a few weeks ago in a Turn It Up post. And tonight I’ve aimlessly landed on some more of their songs. I recognize the one above, “The Light of Love,” from when I saw them perform. I have no clue most of what he’s singing but:

1) I love it.

2) This is filmed in Black Cat. Only the BEST restaurant in Boone.

3) This makes me double-happy.

Listen. And enjoy as much as I am.


Turn it up, Monday morning: Kate McGill

Week 27: Kate McGill

Kate McGill got her start on YouTube doing some pretty amazing covers of other groups I love like Adele and Mumford & Sons; but now she has some pretty great music of her own. Love the acoustic, like usual.

Turn it up, Monday morning: The Genuine

Week 26: The Genuine

You guys, this is my FAVORITE post for a “Turn it Up” yet. Why? Because I was at a bar in Winston-Salem on Friday night and suddenly heard a great familiar indie, folksy tune and was completely mesmerized by this band, The Genuine, and their music. I loved it so much that I hurried and snatched a business card after the set. Absolutely entranced. No surprise with the acoustic nature and dreamy vocals. The song, “Western Carolina” below is just one of theirs.

If you like music with a soul that sounds like it comes from North Carolina; listen. Right now.

Sorry, I’m being a little bossy with my recommendations lately — but this band is so fly.

If you like it, check out more on their site.

And if you really like it, message me up and let’s go to their next Winston-Salem show.

Turn It Up, Tuesday Morning: Gregory Alan Isakov

Week 25: Gregory Alan Isakov

Isakov has a new album hitting June 11th that I will be really excited to hear; especially after enjoying “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” so much. If you like Iron & Wine and then listen to Isakov–you won’t be surprised that Isakov likes them too. If you recognize the name, but not the song check out “The Stable Song” and it might ring a bell as one of Isakov’s better known songs. Sweet and soulful, this kind of acoustic is exactly what I needed to ease into a workday post-holiday weekend. Excuse the day-late Turn It Up, Monday : ).

Turn it up, Monday morning: Milk Carton Kids

Week 21: Milk Carton Kids

They’re really interesting to watch perform obviously; but also wonderfully easy on the ears. Kind of reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel but with a slightly stronger bluegrass flair. It’s no surprise to me that most of their April concerts have been sold out. NPR has given them a lot of love recently. If you only listen to one song, check out “Michigan.” If you check out more, find “Stealing Romance” or “The Ash and Clay.”

Turn it up, Monday morning: Ben Sollee

Week 18: Ben Sollee

“Change is Gonna Come” shows off Ben Sollee’s instrumental awesomeness; but you can also check out “A Few Honest Words” which shows off Ben’s vocal abilities too. Great music to soothe out to. And I love his old influences from Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. Fun fact; his collaboration “Dear Companion” album was produced by previous Turn it up, Monday morning feature Jim James of My Morning Jacket. He’s going to be performing Black Mountain May 9th at the LEAF Festival, any takers?

Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 9: Folly and the Hunter

Yup, they’re Canucks. I didn’t forget my Canadian countdown oath from last week. This time I bring you Folly and the Hunter based out of Montreal. Once you listen, you might roll your eyes and think—wow, Ashley you really like laid-back folk, indie music. And you would be right. It’s not inappropriate to use this comparison:

F & H write tranquil yet sorrowful songs akin to that of Bon Iver, The National and Iron & Wine, while adding energy to the compositions with build ups and cascades of sound similar to that of Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire. – LastFM

Totally appropriate. Right now I measure good music that I can sit and listen, appreciate and respect the lyrics if I want to. But at the same time I can put in my headphones, jam on some other work and during those moments appreciate the acoustics. This group, like many they are compared to, strike a solid balance. The only complaint is that the first album song-to-song can be a little flat (to me).

While the group only has one album, Resident, out, their next is due in April this year.

My favorite is their song “Cost” so have a listen.

Turn it up, Monday Morning.

Week 6: Ben Rector

Maybe I listened to Ben Rector years ago and I’m just hearing the songs for the first time again; but regardless really loving the tunes from this Nashville guy lately. While I was in college I was a huge fan of Dave Barnes (even sold my hard-to-sell best friend on him enough that she chose one of his songs as her and her husband’s first dance music . . . maybe I’ll bring him back out next week) and Ben Rector is super reminiscent of Barnes smooth tones. A little piano here, a little guitar here. If you like a little bit of a sappy love song here and there, put this guy on and cycle through “When a Heart Breaks,” “Loving You is Easy” or “Ready for Change.”

No surprise, one of my most favorites though is an acoustic bit. Check out “Forever Like That.”