Turn it up: The Best New Soul Music You Haven’t Heard Yet

Introducing, Leon Bridges.

I may be taking for granted that you haven’t listened to him since I hadn’t discovered him until All Things Considered’s feature last week. But apparently, a LOT of people do love him as much as I do because when I tried to go buy tickets to his October Atlanta event I saw that not only was it sold out — so was practically the rest of his North American tour. Granted, they are small venues — but that’s where you SHOULD listen to music this amazing.

Song: “Coming Home”

Artist: Leon Bridges

Why I picked them: Obviously I have a soft spot for old jazz, new soul and anything that shows off instrumentation. When I found Leon I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been listening to him for 10 years. His sound is mature, full of roots and still has the incredible potential to play to this same style for a long time without ever getting old. And every song on his debut album has all of the same charm to make you want to repeat the album — not just this single “Coming Home.” I am absolutely in love.

Best part of this song: I dare you to listen and not find something moving to the rhythm of the beat. My foot is unstoppable.

Favorite lyric:  I wanna be around / I wanna be around you girl  ( I love the bridge in this song  — but honestly, I would also choose the instrumentation if that was an option overall.)

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