Sunshine on a Monday.

Mondays are notoriously tough — but have never been my least favorite day of the week. I save that for Tuesday / which is why I’ve always posted a good new song on Tuesdays. Tuesdays need a good song.

Mondays still have the motivation of a new week. A fresh sheet of paper with a crisp to-do list. A potential of whatever you think you can get done.

Tuesdays meanwhile, you’re already in the middle of it — and you’re still far from Friday.

If you’re in your Monday at work, I hope you’re in the “crisp to-do list” state of mind. That’s what Mondays deserve.

For me, today is a day off.

I’m a jerk, I know.

But I wanted to write about it because for me days off are a lot different than they used to be. Now, I’m a nocturnal.  I’ll soon detail my new overnight life; but for now just know that the 10-hour wee-hour shifts aren’t for the faint of heart–BUT the three-day weekends are amazing. And it really makes you appreciate being able to be awake and alive during the day time to appreciate something as simple as morning sunshine.


Second? The amazingness of MORNING coffee. Coffee is meant for 8am. It is weird when you pair it at 6pm. It’s so much better when I can savor it over the course of hours in the morning.

Thirdly, it’s few and far between when I get to listen to Andy’s radio show on Portland’s Rip City 620 AM with this schedule. So a day off, combining his show WITH the cup of coffee and it’s almost like I’m actually getting to have coffee with Andy. (He mostly talked about sports and would read me articles on our shared mornings anyway. He’s basically doing that with his co-host and I just listen along and text in my opinions or totally unrelated thoughts. Not the same; but nice substitute.)

image1 (1)

A day off for me means actually having a normal routine. I can wake up, think about errands, working out — and all of the other normal people things that I procrastinate during the work week. I am in heaven to some degree. But it’s a lot more than just day off happiness; today is especially sweet because it’s the set-up to my Andy coming to town Tuesday and finally seeing Atlanta!


It’s been two months since we’ve seen each other and for us that’s the sweet spot. Just long enough that we’re not totally impoverished spending money on cross-country flights and just long enough that any longer and we enter the “Losing our Minds with Missing You” phase. Three months apart gets rough. I will commonly come back to the fact that long-distance relationships are mega hard. But abundantly worth it. Incredible what your heart can do.

I need to try to document the phases of “missing someone” during a long-distance relationship because there are definitely, definitely cycles.


Today is maybe even better than tomorrow in some ways because there is all the anticipation and none of the touch of sadness of already dreading the end of the week together. Ridiculous but — a sad reality of LDRs.

It’s a crazy mixed bag of desires for his visit. While I can’t wait to spend every second showing him every single thing and reason to love Atlanta; I could also just spend every second laying in my room and talking to him and snuggling — while teasing that I may not drive him back to the airport later.

LDRs. They’re for the birds. But it’s my life and I’m so freaking ecstatic that we’ll share space the next six days.

So, while I’m sorry that I’m being a jerk and writing about a day off on a Monday–try to feel lucky that if you love someone and you live in the same zip code you have a huge Monday-off up on me.

Regardless where your Monday has you, here’s to the next thing on your to-do list.

For me, my day-off sunlight to-do list is not short–so, I will be starting that …. after this second long cup of coffee.

Thanks to Andy visits, today my Monday is excited.

And for once, tomorrow my Tuesday will be even better. ❤

And as for Friday, for me, it can stay very far away!


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