3 Weeks A.B.: Life After Boston

I’ve been back in North Carolina for close to three weeks now. Three weeks of a grad school graduation, moving, family, friends, holidays, visitors and readjusting sleep cycles. There is a lot percolating on my job search front; but nothing ready to write about quite yet. In the meantime, I’m holding this quote above close to my heart.

Searching for a new job (whilst looking all over the country, mind you) is quite scary in so many ways. At the same time though, I embrace knowing that it’s the only way to go. You can’t follow up Boston with going right back where you started.

Adventure should precede adventure.

The funny part of looking for a job though is the normalcy that creeps in from being back home. A car that needs to be inspected. New tires. Trips to the bank. Cooking dinner for mom and dad. There’s almost a sense that this is actually a Twilight episode where adult Ashley goes back to a parallel dimension from when she was 17 years old.

After living a thousand miles from home and seeing my family approximately two times in 12 months, I’m embracing it.

One of my favorite parts of life is seeing how you have exactly what you really need when that time is present. Today may have been full of some preparatory job work, but it was also full of soaking in my cup of coffee and looking around my parents living room grateful to be in the one place that provides the best springboard for “next”:


It amazes me as I look back at “New Years” posts of yesterday. I was always quick to make a long list of hopes and goals and accomplishments to tick off.

This year I have a mental list of things to do; but most of what I want to accomplish in 2015 is a feeling. I want to feel my heart operating full time at that bursting capacity. The way your heart feels when you adore what your job consists of. The way your heart operates when you’re embracing and appreciating the small moments with people you love.

I have been so focused on the tedium of accomplishment for the last two years (perhaps that is inevitable when you’re in school), that in 2015 I want to focus on the emotion of it. When I’m fully feeling my work is when I actually finish it to the very best quality. When I’m breathing and relishing my relationships is when I act like the very best friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend and co-worker.

Full heart and full steam ahead. A good mantra as I go into this next year.
For all of my rumblings about how, for me, change is truly hard––I’m getting to be quite the accomplished ‘transitioner.’ For me, if 2015 were a road sign it would inevitably be: “Curve Ahead.”

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