Two Weeks ‘Til . . .

1 – My summer internship is finished. I will have produced 24 three-minute stories over the course of 12 weeks. WOAH. You can check out the archive of me behind the desk and then also out around Newton, MA here:

2 – Finally my new reel <key word> should be up on Which means, I’m on the cusp of being ready to apply for my first full-time reporting job.

3 – The first Boston apartment that I called home will be packed up into boxes.

4 – I will be on the verge of hiring my replacement to train for my graduate assistant position at Boston University. :-O!

5 – Andy’s days in Boston are coming to a close. It’s okay though. We’re up for tackling the seemingly inevitable long-distance challenge. (But maybe send some nice prayers our way, since it’s not going to be as simple and happy as being in the same city.)

In the way of the universe, change comes with buddies. So a lot happens all at one time. But at the end of two weeks of hard work I will be greeted with: a) a strong mimosa. b) multiple benedryls or c) a very very strong mimosa. Any of which will HAPPILY get me through a bi-coastal flight from BOS -> SEA for me to finally visit and spend some time with my Andy in his hometown. For eight whole days. It is guaranteed to be the best.

Seattle was on my “things I’m dying to do” list way before I even moved to Boston. It’s even more now it’s so meaningful. It’s the whole side of Andy, who I feel I know so well, that I haven’t been able to see yet. Your hometown, when you love it as much as Andy and I love our own, makes up a big part of who you are.

After Seattle is moving into Boston apartment number two. In about 12 hours.

And then immediately hitting the road for North Carolina.

And then a Labor Day weekend with some best friends and my Braves in Atlanta.

Suffice to say that August may be one of the best months of 2014.

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