To the genetics behind my Boston adventure.


So, this is Mr. Davis.

He is my dad. And a teacher. And a scientist. And a smartie pants. And an intellectual. And a social butterfly. And an adventurer. And a traveler. And a goof. And a talker. And a stabilizer. And a cooker. And a supporter.

He’s so many things.

And because of him, I’m a smartie pants. I’m an intellectual. A social butterfly. An adventurer. A traveler. A goof. A talker.

So many great things about me started with him. I just so happened to take the right chromosomes.

When I think about my huge life-changer of a decision to move to Boston and try something new; I know that there’s some part of him in me that’s letting me go on an adventure for both of us.

Thanks for showing me what love and strength, responsibility and dedication are like, Dad.

And thanks for part of that loving and supporting being directed right at me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies!!

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