Wanted: A Wolfpack

Every time I take the Meyers-Briggs test the most skewed personality trait is the extroversion part. I have a knack for finding a familiar face where ever I go. And I’ve been known for either collecting friends? Or having enough that I deem my “friend quota is full.”

I’m the worst.

But it’s just because I love being around people and feeding off of the energy of interaction.

Since I moved to Boston though, it’s been a little tough to replicate my (AMAZING) North Carolina crew. Three very, very best guy friends? Girl friends who had gone through every crush, relationship, conquering and failure with you? Well that’s impossible.

Part of it is my fault. I went and got an awesome boyfriend who I wanted to spend every waking second with. And I moved in with a built-in friend from home who is my female saving-grace here in Boston. They have made it less of an investment to try to make connections with other people. (Sorry, Andy and Sarah – Looks like I’m throwing you under the bus.)

Part of it is seemingly Boston’s fault. I haven’t quite had a person cross my path, like Bridget Weber (Lynch ha), who I instantly knew I would be best friends forever with.

Maybe I’m not immersing myself in the right groups.

Or maybe I’m bitter because I did have the great fortune to make some amazing friends who have sadly now all graduated and moved away.

But regardless.

I need a Boston rew to carry me through the end/eventual move!

So web friends, give me some advice. What should I do to meet more people? So far this summer I work pretty much alone at my internship — so no opportunities there. Are meet-up groups odd or acceptable in the city?

Also, keep in mind I don’t have a ton of funds to join a lot of sports teams, etc. because that’s a typical way I’d be putting myself out there.

For now, this Sunday morning, I’m off to church….

4 thoughts on “Wanted: A Wolfpack

  1. Girl, I’ll be your partial Wolfpack! I don’t actually live right in Boston but I’m in there for my summer internship as well every week. I am so down with grabin a drink or something sometime. I feel ya on the harder to make great friends thing as we get older and move around.

  2. I MISS YOU. waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i wish we weren’t so far apart. 😦

    it’s the best when you instantly click with someone, like we did (do). the older i get, the more i realize how rare that is.

    that’s it, i think you should just come home now. bring andy. you guys can live with us!

    totally not kidding.


    • B. Our love is truely rare. You’re a keeper, my friends. And *ahem* we need to reschedule that phone call that I messed up last week : ) Love you the most. Also, I’ll pass along the info about us moving back to NC to Andy :))

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