Eh, weekend? Let’s try it again in 5 days.

Last week was full of stress which resulted in adult breakouts that added to more stress, which meant eating bad and no running. So many things would have probably helped me chill out. Like a good run? But there was not enough time.

For the first time since I got to Boston I have been over-freakin-whelmed. And not in the way that I could just run a tighter ship, sharpen my pencils and that would solve all of the problems. Instead it was issues that I had no control over.

I got my first collegiate snow day and fully enjoyed some frolicking and football, but I also suffered a cancelled–or three–interviews.

Riverway snow beauty.

Friends. Football. Boom.

I was able to wrangle in getting all of my work done in time, but some how new things popped up that weren’t scheduled.

It was also crazy.

So you can imagine that I was fully looking forward to this weekend!

And, it was fun-ish. There was a little bit of sleep. A little bit of sunshine. A little bit of fun. And a lot of productivity. But it just wasn’t quite the best of the best. I don’t know what’s happening in the stars, but it just seemed like this weekend was destined for a funk.

And how does it end? It ends at 10 p.m. with my ole’ Mazda having been welcomed to Boston with a towing. Wah.

I would hereby like to start this Monday and get a fresh start––and then fast forward to Friday to try it again 🙂

You know, I realize that this post sounds a little whiny. But you know what? I’m always writing about how darn wonderful life is––and it still absolutely is––but it only seems fair to let you know when life is NORMAL too. And this weekend normal meant just being kind of “eh.”

Fresh start Monday!

One thought on “Eh, weekend? Let’s try it again in 5 days.

  1. I would looooooove to fast forward it right now to the weekend. We need to invent a machine that does this.. yes.

    Sorry about your car and canceled interviews- but having a snow day is pretty darn awesome!!! Looks b-e-u-tiful!

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