News, News, News.

All I do is watch the news. And I love it. But I’m watching the news in a really heightened way these days. Every camera cut, every sentence I’m paying hyper attention to.

Going from a print journalist where words are the very brick and mortar of storytelling requires a really big transition to being a broadcast journalist where you have so many more assets––and such a different command of attention.

“Just write it like you would tell it, Ashley.”

I keep hearing that over and over.

Somehow I don’t understand why that’s a challenge when I seem to be able to master it here!

I’m having to tell myself it’s context. When I sit down to write a report on something serious like the Obama address or the demonstration at city hall–it seems like it needs to be formal.

I need to practice.

“Hey you guys, did you hear that Obama told Syria to watch themselves? Yeah, he’s going to see if some talks and trades with Vlad can maybe get this done without any fireworks. But it’s not for sure.”

Maybe not like that : ) But I need to loosen up!

Anyway, these are the things I’m thinking about on a busy Monday. I’m getting really paranoid about how life is going to be once this part-time assistantship starts up on top of classes. Oye! I need to get a balancing act down pat to keep it all together.

So, there you have it. Grad school isn’t all lunchables and field trips. (Even though, grad school is also about these things.)

More tomorrow about visiting another new state on a field trip this weekend! 

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