A Sample Grad-School Friday.

Folks, Grad School is the bomb dot com.

Oh, yeah.

(Granted, I have not full time started two of my three assistantships — so please do not hold me to this same mentality next Friday.)

But for example.

This morning I got up quite early to be on campus at 8 a.m.

I grabbed a Boston Globe, I finished some homework and submitted it.  I went to class and learned how to work a camera.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 2.40.16 PM

Dear God, please do not let me break or lose any of this expensive equipment this year.

You guys, nothing gets more odd looks than 15 grad students who have been sent to film five shots on their campus lawn–each with their own camera mind you. 15 grad students walking around trying to learn how to pan and hold a camera steady, zoom without whiplash and frame a picture well. That meant 15 grad students awkwardly filming students walking between buildings, bikes zooming down Comm Ave and birds who are too fast to keep in shot. We looked like total weirdos and I loved every second.

When that class was over, I had a break for lunch before having to go back to watch a “This American Life” documentary. Not really enough time to grab anything formal. So what do I do?

Made a decision that I had mixed feelings about.

I had a Lunchable.

I was overcome with:

1) Shame. Just shame.

2) Victory. Who’s beasted opening Caprisuns now, ey?

3) Satisfaction. 15 years later and these things are still delicious.

It was a fully ridiculous part of my afternoon.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 2.40.27 PM

Fun fact, BU has a Beach. The BU Beach. That is where I was. It’s just a hill. On a river. It is not a beach in my book.

My day continued by going to watch “This American Life” documentary episode “John Smith” with some classmates for my production class. It was an hour of incredibility. The characters, phenomenal. The editing and storyline were beautiful. I laughed. I wanted to cry. (These people don’t know me well enough to cry quite yet.)

And now, with my weekend in full-out mode I’m off to the Farmer’s Market in Copley Square with the new roommate to take care of this grocery situation. Homegirl cannot keep eating lunchables!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their weekend!!

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