In things that I want right now:

Flaid. A whole lot of flaid.

This awesome watch.

To be here, wearing aforementioned flaid and expensive watch. Preferably drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Duh.

And if not there, then here totally works. In fact, please add this lake in Canada to my bucket list.

If you can’t tell, I’m channeling a lot of fall and shopping / travel envy today.

2 thoughts on “In things that I want right now:

  1. oh. my. gawd.
    Where is the flanel top from? love it. I have two flanel plaid tops and I only wear them in the fall….. M.Kors watch is super cute too. I have one and it is rose gold but I really want a plainer-every-day-simple style. Rose gold is a little flashy for all the time.

    Oh canada lake….. perhaps I shall honeymoon here. Love this.

    Let’s plan a trip with coordinating cute outdoorsy outfits.

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