Watch List: Inside Llewyn Davis

Oh goodness, I cannot wait to see this movie.

If you’ve ever even stumbled on my “Turn it Up” series, you know that I adore American folk music above most things in life.

My favorite exchange in the trailer that speaks such loud volumes to the idea of passionately doing something for what it means to you and your existence and who you are and what you’re contributing to the world is between Llewyn and Jean when she asks “Do you ever think about the future, at all?”

Llewyn answers: “You mean move to the suburbs? Have kids?”

To which Jean says,”That’s bad?”

And Llewyn drives home that passion by saying, “If that’s what music is for you; a way to get that place–then yeah, it’s a little careerist and it’s a little square. And it’s a little sad.”

I don’t want to do something to get somewhere else. I want to do something because it’s inherent to my existence to continue being who I am.

I may not be a musician, but I do love music : ) I love Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons, I adore Punch Brothers and Oscar Isaac, Gillian Welch and Milk Carton Kids. And they’re all involved with this film in some capacity–be it lines on the soundtrack or headliners at the supporting concert.

And if you’re not sure about the cast (c’mon JT is included, along with Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and John Goodman)—then at least trust the direction of Joel and Ethan Coen who have blessed us with other great films like Fargo; O Brother, Where Art Thou; The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men.

This movie is going down as an immediate must-watch for me!

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