Turn it up, Monday morning: Lionel Richie

Week 36: Lionel Richie

Today is being a really not fun Monday. I’m having a lot of personal things going on that cause lots of roller-coaster feelings. The same personal things are impacting work, family, friends. . . everything. ¬†Everything is nuts today and it’s all inter-related. Suffice to say, it’s noon and I already had to close my office door for a little cry sesh this morning. And I NEVER cry. Overwhelmed. Does that tell you how I am? So what helps when you feel like you can’t carry everything in your head and heart? Well, thank goodness there is music.

When I was little my mom used to rock me with a bottle and play music, including Lionel Richie/The Commodores, every time she put me down for a nap. (Child of the 80s what can I say?)

Few things can bring my heart rate down like Lionel Richie and some other solid oldies. Even now, 20-plus years later; Lionel Richie is calming.

So today, I give you “Easy.” And finally for once, it can’t help but make me smile which is what I’ve dearly needed this morning.

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