Brewing Changes: Catamount Chapter



Today was a good day.

I crawled out of bed. I walked to the kitchen. Put on a pot of coffee and pulled out the bacon, along with the hash browns, and smiled at the feather-covered country eggs. All multicolored and ready for goodness.

I heard my mom in the shower and my dad snoring.

I knew my brother was sleeping heavy in his bed across the hall from mine.

But there was a reason I was home on a Friday morning mixing up a breakfast on a day that I should’ve been back in Winston-Salem getting ready for work and shuffling off to the office.

We shared a family breakfast and a family prayer and got ready to turn a new chapter.

We counted the bags and labeled the boxes. And piled it all into the car.

And it was off through the mountains towards change.

Today was a first day of new sorts. There were no backpack photos or smells of fresh new paper; but there was a discount couch and a bag of hangers; suitcases of clothes and new bedding. There was a desk lamp and a TV and a relocated x-Box.

There was and is a new Cat Card with my little brother’s face on it.

Jake has gone to college. And I am so grateful that I have the ability to drive home late on a Thursday night to totally surprise my family that I would be joining them for the big move.

Little bird has flown a now empty nest.

As siblings, I feel like I have a pretty great relationship with my brother. But given that there are a handful of years between us, sometimes I think I go to a matronly sister place. Sometimes I’ve been more of a protector than a playmate, more of an example than a peer. (Though I absolutely promise there have been co-conspirator moments.) For that reason, I had some mixed feelings about seeing little brother all grown up. So excited for him. But kind-of sad and old feeling for me : )

Of course it was a moment that I wouldn’t miss for the world!

So blessed to be there to have a family breakfast and be part of a family support for an overall big change that will touch every member of our little-four.

So many adventures in front of him; I would be lying if I said that walking college dormitory hallways didn’t make me ache for my own days at Appalachian State.

Great adventures await.

I hope he takes every opportunity and makes it the very best four years possible! But regardless, day 1? Day 1, I’m a super proud sister.

Heck, he may make me not hate Western Carolina after all is said and done. Maybe. Strong maybe.

Breakfasts, family, friends, changes, pride, amazing cool August weather, a run at Lake J, an evening with the parents chilling out — a good day.

And, shhh but I think I’m still pushing it on my running. But . . . all feels good for now!

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 11.08.46 PM


Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.43.45 PM


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