Back to Being “Me.”

Today was my second workout since getting the clearance to run again and boy, was it lovely.

It had just stopped a torrential downpour, so while it was steamy––the air smelled wonderful. Every tree I ran under was beautifully fragrant.

photo 1

Winston-Salem kind of view.

Plus, those new running pups I showed off last week? Amazing.

What’s your favorite part of running in new kicks?

Mine is a number of things: the way the rubber feels like it’s kissing the pavement with each step; the way the laces are clean and shiny; the way your foot feels like it’s getting to know a new friend and isn’t entirely familiar with its accompanying sole. It was a good bonding first run in my new Brooks. They are really living up to my hopes. While I had totally aimed to roll back on the effort while running I still managed to keep my miles under 12 minutes––again alternating 1 minute running, 5 minutes walking, repeat.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 9.01.49 PM

The ole’ stress fracture felt fine. That leg continually has a little discomfort, but it’s no longer the fear of “am I going to land funny and my leg break!?” — Drama queen. Now it’s just the familiar tight muscles and aches that come with an injury and too long on the couch. That said, calf stretches are my very best friend right now.

photo 2

New shoe love. Calf stretch love even more.

For the first week in a while I’m actually focusing on cooking + healthy + veggies + balance when it comes to eating. There has been a wealth of things to stress about the last few weeks and as such, so many things to stress eat on : ) It was super nice to have some green pepper, spinach pasta and chicken sausage for dinner. SO tasty.

Great start to finally feeling like I’m getting a grip on how things used to be! Back to being me.

2 thoughts on “Back to Being “Me.”

  1. chicken sausage… that be the best. Your re-cap of your 2nd run sounds wonderful and…. perfectly cleansing. I love running and how it clears everything up. Also, we DO have the same shoes! New shoes always make me feel like I’m running super light and fast (even though im prob running the same). I just love the high from the new shoe feeling….. gahhhh gush. Da Best.

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