Stress Fracture Recovery Day 1

Today is a great day. Today is the first day that I’ve been able to lace up for a run in TWO months. That’s a long time to someone who is used to running five days a week. Forever I went back and forth as to, do I go to an orthopedist? Do I just rest on my own?

A month into my injury I knew I needed someone to look at my leg and I’m extremely glad that I did. It wasn’t cheap. But for someone who’s hoping to run a marathon in the next 12 months it’s worth it. I can’t imagine the doctor bills if I returned to running too fast and landed myself with a worse injury or something that would plague me moving forward indefinitely.

Two months of doing nothing was hard (and I shouldn’t have done nothing. I can’t help that swimming just doesn’t quite seem to be my thing : ) Maybe it was that I was scared of swallowing water so I didn’t breath normal? Whatever it was I sucked, but I digress). But my doctor told me that’s exactly what’s helped me get to where I am today, two months later and able to start on a recovery plan!

Fractured leg, take that.

This past week I went for my follow-up orthopedist appointment and he told me that while yes, I should likely have a bone scan–he’s confident enough in the injury and happy enough with my progress to not go that route. Instead, he asked how I felt about starting to run every so often. I replied that I had a dream that I was running 10 miles the night before and laughed that I could only assume that that is NOT what he had in mind.

Instead I take it gradual.

Has anyone done a couch-to-5K? I haven’t but I’ve been told my plan is similar.

Run 1 minute. Walk 5 minutes. Run 2 minutes. Walk 5 minutes. Run 1 minute. Walk 5 minutes. Repeat.

Every other day. Three days a week.

I can increase the running part by 1 minute next week. But I have to take it easy and listen to my body. I should never feel that same pain in my leg. Who knew? If I hadn’t gone to a doctor and started to run, experiencing a little pain I would have assumed it was “normal, just getting back to routine.” Instead I’m having to really listen to my leg.

Running today was freaking exciting, but there was a part of me that was scared the whole time. Is it going to start hurting this time? Is this hill going to hurt it? Oh no, forget uphill…downhill is much more difficult. Maybe this bridge is bad for it . . .

But come a return around Lake Junaluska back to my car I was a little happily surprised to see two things:

1) I finished 2.3 miles with a sub-12 minute pace. (I maybe should have gone a little slower when I was running, ha.)

2) My leg was just kind of sore in a muscle way. Someone has sore calves and shins!

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.21.06 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.22.01 PM


It was a gorgeous day though and I am so freaking optimistic about getting back on track.

This is seriously one of my faaavorite places to run.

Happy girl.

Now for the fun to-do list:
– Buy new shoes. Yup. These darn pink things are the culprit, I just know it.

– Find a half to run next spring.

– Find a full to run next summer / fall.

And I’ll be raring to go (who am I kidding, I already am).


2 thoughts on “Stress Fracture Recovery Day 1

  1. yayyyyyyyy! im so happy you were able to run and are allowing to work yourself up! love all these goals you have…. new shoes= bestthingeveromg. Good shoes that fit your feet and stride make all the difference.

    happy running!

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