I’ve had a serious curiosity about the West Coast the last month or so. I’ve never really lusted for trips out West until I traveled to Utah this winter. Now I want to go further and drive all along the A1. I want to see San Fran and San Diego. I want to go to Portland. I want to go to Seattle. I want to dip my toes in the Pacific and wander around national parks to see sequoias and marvel at canyons and new waterfalls. I’m hoping that maybe next summer I can find a time to do some more traveling. 2013 sadly doesn’t have it in the cards––but we’ll see what 2014 holds.

I stumbled on society6 yesterday (and wow, how have I not heard of this?) and promptly lost an hour looking through different artists and works. LOVE. This Seattle print was one of the many that caught my eye. I love vintage-themed prints. I have so many hanging around my apartment. This particular artist, Jenny Tyffany’s work in general was lovely. Now I want to buy all of the things!

These make me want to immediately pack up my tent and sleeping bag, go make a fire and spend the night out under the stars. ❤



10 thoughts on “Wanderlust.

  1. Nice photos! Do It! Travel! I just traveled the entire coast of California over the last 10 months, all the way from Florida, its been an incredible journey… Tap into your wanderlust, throw up your sail and flow with the current of the wind! it’s so rewarding, challenging and straight up a beautiful experience.

  2. You should visit Seattle. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Seattle my entire life. There are so many activities to do here, and the weather is fantastic during the summer! If you ever need a tour guide let me know! 🙂

  3. Go visit!!!! I have always wanted to visit due to the movie Sleepless in Seattle….. b/c Im a hopeless romantic and love anything with Meg Ryan (except for that weird boxing movie)…. sigh…. perhaps this should be a honeymoon location and then you can fly out and meet us. Actually, that is kind of weird. Nevermind. WE should plan a girls trip!!!!

    • Bwahahaha. This is hilarious. Agreed, I’m sure Mr. Speedy would be like who are you and why are you cramping my honeymoon style!? I’m kind of considering running a race out there next summer. It would make for a lovely girls trip. But you know girls trips are fun without running too….

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