Reading: Barbara Walter’s autobiography “Audition.” It’s a long read, but I’m trying to steam through and finish. Need to cross it off to give room for “Run Like a Girl” from Ms. SincerelyLily.

Look at Barbara being fierce.

Watching: “Rules of Engagement” I have no shame. It’s such a non-committal watch. No attention and you still get some laughs. (And I’m even an anti-David Spade fan.)

Obsessing: Homegirl has chiggers. Don’t google it. But just know that the past few days have been a tad itchy. It totally takes me back to days as a kid wandering around in the woods. Or the weeks I spent in college hiking the Appalachian Trail with Wilderness Trail. You usually brought home some remnants of these annoying little bugs. Clear polish is out in full force.

Wanting: To be able to work out on a full schedule. I’m having to rest up again because of some exertion I already know is coming this weekend. Sigh! But every day without pain is a step forward. Full into week 8 of 20 for recovery! 12 left : )

Eating: Breakfast for dinner. Faaaavorite. A hint to my exertion this upcoming weekend? I’m having to eat through my fridge. That means, eggs? Milk? Turkey bacon? Frozen biscuits? Hmmm, how can I get rid of these tonight? Lumme some breakfast for any meal of the day.


Fearing: Logistics for the next six weeks. News is upcoming, but suffice to say in the meantime I’m saying prayers that pieces come together the way that they’re supposed to! (Or rather, the way that causes me the least stress : ) )

Pleeease don't let a variation of this happen.

Pleeease don’t let a variation of this happen.

Missing: My bestie Michelle. I seriously typically see this best friend once every other month or so. It’s been since MARCH. And I’m in a panic I may not see her again soon. Fingers crossed for a somehow arrange reunion.

Hoping: To donate a LOT of under-used books, clothes and homewares this week. I’ve done a massive clean and assessment and this girl has really culled back her belongings. Quality over quantity, right!?

Accepting: That what I thought is true: People who want to be in your life? They’ll be there. People who don’t care will fade away. So happy and thankful for the wonderful friends and family I’m so blessed with. Dag, I’m a lucky girl. And the rest, can help me simplify the other parts of my life : ) Acceptance embraced.

A lot of chapters in transition!

A lot of chapters in transition!

2 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. all of these animated images made me LOL for real. thank you lol.
    yes, speed through your book so you can read the new one that is somewhere in the mail at the moment! breakfast for dinner…. and and Speedy would get along, he made us omelets last night and devoured his in .3445 seconds. I am a picky breakfast eater and ended up filling up a lot of watermelon and ignoring most of my omelet.

  2. love. 🙂

    1. bout those chiggers… ummm we might rethink where we put the firepit… sorry 🙂
    2. i eat breakfast for nearly every meal of the day these days. ryan’s disgusted/impressed at the amount of cereal i consume SLASH upset that i never, ever cook anymore and encourage him to eat cereal for dinner, too.
    3. i majorly heart that zach galifianakis gif.
    4. EVERYTHING will work out, it’ll be perfect, and soon all the logistics of the next several weeks will seem like a bad dream!


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