Mama’s Outta’ Shape.


ESPN, I love ya.

You’ve heard my whining about how I can’t run.

But I have legitimate reason that I’m not good at coping with stress when I can’t run.

I end up eating or social drinking my feelings.

And Hot & Spicy Cheese-its and Sam Adams beer do not a fit girl make.

So then there’s been the down spiral of “Oh my gosh why did I eat those 12 cookies at 11 p.m.??” and “Of course I’m available for happy hours every night this week.” And six weeks later mama’s totally outta’ shape.

End rant. Because today I broke the rules and ellipticated.

Mostly, I feel guilty because my leg felt great so it seemed worth the risk––but I know that’s the trap you’re supposed to avoid.

But I felt good. And I got to watch ESPN (one of the things I miss most about cable) and I was super happy about all of the above.

Pending how I feel tomorrow I plan to do something LIGHT. I’m still “flying under the radar” of course. Tonight that meant stopping at 20 minutes when I felt like I could do 30. This also means I plan to very gradually work back into consecutive workouts.

Fingers crossed I get my feet back under me. I can’t wait to get back to the grind!

6 thoughts on “Mama’s Outta’ Shape.

  1. AHH having to take it easy with workout is the WORST!! I don’t stop eating, and will still eat as if I am running mile after mile and the weight just PILES onto my hips! HA! It’s awful! Glad your workout felt OK today!

    • Haha, so much the worst! I think I just ate a pound of chips & salsa for lunch so I’m promptly going to give this working out another go since the leg still feels OK!

  2. What about swimming???? That is like zero impact and cant cause too much stress or anything…. I think you were brave to go on the elliptical, but hey, if you made it and it doesn’t hurt afterwards, elliptical away girl!

    I like that you drink and eat when you can’t work out….. i am pretty sure you, me, and brittany, and 99% of the population does this. Comforting knowing you are not alone 🙂

    • hey ashley!!!! YOU WON THE BOOK!!!! yay…. so you should be happy b/c next time you go on the elliptical you can read 🙂

      send me an email with your address please to lrhergott (at) gmail . com


      • Yaaaaay! This means I need to finish Barb Walter’s autobiography stat. Can’t wait to read yours! More motivation to get my butt to the gym, even if it’s for biking. I did try swimming early on in my recovery, but I’m sadly kind of terrible at it. I need to practice my breathing more. Suffice to say it wore me out though : )

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