Babe-fest. Showers for Mama & Little Lynch.


It’s official, I’m guessing August 8th birthday.

Over the past two years there have been countless 6 a.m. wake-up calls to drag myself to the gym and get ready for the day with some cardio with my best friend, once co-worker and sister in life: Bridget.

I met her when Ryan was the boyfriend who’s job brought her to Winston-Salem three years ago.

I knew her when she returned from a Labor Day Weekend beach trip with some sand in her shoes and a big rock on her finger.

I grew to trust her and cherish her in our budding friendship as she meanwhile planned a lovely wedding.

I decided that Ryan made a pretty funny friend too as they got settled in married life and Ryan was nice enough to share her with me on workdays, work mornings, some work nights and weekends.

I was perfectly happy to find that over the months that turned into years I loved having her as a sidekick throughout all of work, family, love and life celebrations and woes.

I’ve posting lots of best friend photos lately. Add this to the pile : )

I excitedly swooned with her last summer when she mentioned that her and Ryan were thinking about starting a family.

I hiked with Bridget, Ryan and Russ the last day that they knew they were a family of three (albeit, one — Russ — is a furry family member). And that brisk December day that they dropped me off at my apartment, they later found out that they would be four.


And I was ecstatically one of the people who caught on far too early at her uncontainable joy.

And ever since I have been incredibly excited for this little baby to join the world and be a part of the family that I made for myself here in the Triad. <3. Selfishly I can’t wait to snuggle and love on him. Far less selfishly I cannot wait to see what an unbelievable mom and dad my good friends are going to be. (They’re the best.)

Rightfully so, my closest family of shared friends (a work mama Wanda and a work big sister Victoria) have felt the same. And thus, a celebration was planned and finally carried on last week. And if I do say so myself, it was lovely.

While Wanda made everything beautiful, Victoria added perfect touches of sweet signage, beautiful papers and the best paper straws in the world.


Elizabeth, a newfound friend through Bridget who is one of Bridget’s most cherished in the area, cooked the most delicious spread of food.





And I? Well I brought cupcakes of course and folded dozens of the tiniest paper airplanes.




It was the most natural, comfortable, cute baby shower ever if I do say so myself. And while Bridget doesn’t always like being in the center of attention, we were all abundantly happy to have a moment to love on her. She won’t be ignored once little Lynch gets here — BUT, I can promise to share a lot of that loving on him.


Me, Bridget + Victoria. ❤

6 thoughts on “Babe-fest. Showers for Mama & Little Lynch.

  1. Oh my….. those airplanes are the cutest….. Your friends is super lucky to have you in her life and it looks like this baby is going to get showered with some serious loveeeeee!

    • The airplanes were definitely worth feeling a little arthritic from all the folding : ) Loved throwing the shower; but also lucky to have so many ladies to chip in on the work haha!

  2. oh dear… tears already this morning. (why do you keep doing this to me?) it was the most beautiful shower i could have imagined. i love you the most, gf. xxxxx

  3. Bridget is very fortunate to have wonderful friends that love her so much. Thank you for sharing the shower pictures. It was as beautiful as she described it to be. Although her dad and I would love to live close to her, it gives us great comfort that she, and her family, are in good hands, even without us.

    • Aw! We’re SO lucky to have her. Your post made me smile a lot. We all feel close to you too, without even having met you more than once. : ) Lil’ boy is going to have so much love coming at him from all different directions and distances, he’s not going to know what to do.

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