“25 by 25” after 25?

Sometimes I wonder what will happen after October 7th and I’ve either been successful…or less successful…at accomplishing my 25 by 25. What then?

Well, maybe something like this?

Has anyone seen “The Impossible List”? I’ve seen variations on other blogs, but Joel Runyon has created what I find the most interesting. I love that he says this:

The impossible list is NOT a bucket list. [Side bar, I hate when people think of my 25 by 25 as that. I know, I know–I’m being over sensitive.] Not too long ago, I used to settle for the possible things in life. The sure thing. It was “realistic”, “safe” and boring as hell. I decided I needed a challenge.

The impossible list is that challenge. This list of impossible things contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was “impossible.” The sort of things that I assumed the cool guys on TV only ever got to do. The things I never thought that would be able to do.” – Joel Runyon

More or less, that’s exactly what 25 by 25 was about. It was about challenge and it was about accountability.

Joel’s Impossible List is categorized and some examples are:


  • Make A Loan To Every Country Kiva Loans To [61/65]


  • Run a Duathlon


  • Go Swimming in Every Ocean
    • Pacific
    • Atlantic
    • Indian
    • Arctic
    • Southern/Antarctic


  • Go without internet for a month

Adrenaline Rushes

  • Learn to Surf


  • Go to the airport and buy a ticket without knowing where I’m going.

Events To Attend

  • See The Northern Lights And Do A Time Lapse Film Of It


  • Coachella

Renaissance (Wo)Man

    • Learn To Breakdance

Become Fluent In 4 Languages

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin
    • French
    • Italian
    • Esperanto


  • Put $100,000 in the bank.


But the beauty of this list is that it’s all about you. You’re obviously not confined to the same buckets or goals that someone else has laid out.

I obviously still have work to do on the 25 by 25; but in the meantime it’s kind of nice to know that just because that timeframe is ending––constantly challenging myself and keeping it public for accountability doesn’t have to change : ).

What would your Impossible List have on it? I’m pretty sure it will be a fun time plotting this out. Anyone up for skydiving? (Shhh, don’t tell my orthopedist.)

3 thoughts on ““25 by 25” after 25?

  1. loooooove joe’s list! this makes me want to start some sort of bucket list…. maybe not 30 before i’m 30, but something.

    absolutely love the thought of swimming in every ocean and putting 100k in the bank…. that latter is pretty hefty to do but def possible 🙂

    breakdancing…. i would fail at lol

    After looking over YOUR list on your blog, I love that you have completed many and many are ongoing. Publising- yes. Do it. Keep working towards that. Learn how to handle a firearm- yikes!

  2. I really like the impossible list idea, I’ve never heard of it before. I actually do have a “bucket list” but I might haveta switch over after reading this!

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