I tend to hyper-focus.

Especially on things that I’m excited about, or really into. Right now there are a number of things on my mind:

– First and foremost; dag I’m back on the Jesus train. I’ve been SO stressed out lately; and it’s been amped up by the fact that I can’t run. So instead I’ve been back on my taking deep breaths and remembering that “there’s a plan….” So Joel Osteen has been helping again. There’s another ingredient coming, don’t get discouraged.

– I’ve seen a lot of movies lately, and I can’t wait to see “Despicable Me 2” next. Don’t judge. Too sassy to care.


– I am FINALLY in the midst of “Parks & Rec” season 3. And oh my, so wild about Adam Scott. Always loved him. Always loved “Parks & Rec.” But the two together have raised my obsession with powering through the show even greater. Love.


– Does someone want to make me a beautiful cake? I’ve been wanting cake. all. week. long. Another bad side effect of not running. (Who am I kidding? I always want cake.)
– Lastly, I’m sick of my summer wardrobe already. Not a good place to be. GAP Outlet is beckoning me. Need to resist…need to resist…

One thought on “I tend to hyper-focus.

  1. That cake is gorgeousssssss, I love sprinkers. If you lived near me, I’d bake ya one.

    It is good to remember that there is a higher power, planning it all. Takes the pressure and stress off from trying to figure out things you can’t see or understand xoxo

    I love kids movies! No judging! I can’t watch Happy Feet b/c it makes me cry like a baby when he gets teased…. gahhhhhhhh!

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