In the accumulation of things that made today a great day:

An overly honest depiction of how it’s really the little things, guys.

1. I was having a good outfit day today. (Not a single judgement on the selfie please. Instead just admire that skirt.) Girls, you know what I mean when I say an outfit can really put you on a good start.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.06.07 PM

2. Dunkin Donuts liked my ‘gram of my donut, y’all. DUNKIN LIKED IT. As we say around the office, they “tap-tapped” it. And I didn’t technically tag them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.07.13 PM

3. It was an off-site day; so that meant good, productive client meetings; meeting new people and working with two of my favorite people.

4. There was Dunkin, Red Robin AND tacos in my day. My physical health may not be appreciating it—but my appetite totally is. (Healthy starts tomorrow, right?)

5. Did I mention that I got to watch the new Star Trek movie “Into the Darkness” with a bunch of awesome people who I get to call coworkers AND friends? (I will refrain from any Chris Pine swooning other than the nonchalant inclusion of the photo below. Suffice to say there was commentary before the movie about how old Brad Pitt is looking these days. I followed the movie by saying “Chris Pine, not looking so old.”)

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.21.41 PM

6. One of my close, close friends received wonderful news that a very scary biopsy came back with the negative results we were hoping for! Celebrations all around!

7. What about this weather? It was 90 and I loved it. Hot as heck. But sometimes, sunshine just feels good.

Again, have I mentioned that it’s the little things? Somehow today all these little things added up to a really, hug-me-around-the-neck, good day. And I’m just happy. So, take a minute—what were the little good things in your day? 

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

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