The Latest Reason I Miss Cable: The Tonys edition

I could go on and on about the reasons that I love Neil Patrick Harris.

But, last night’s Tonys opening act? Man, I couldn’t watch it live thanks to no cable––BUT––thank you, Internet for sharing.

“Few may be popping Champagne corks for a Broadway season in which ticket prices went up, attendance went down and commercialism ran amok. But if anything could restore faith in the American theater it was Sunday’s exuberant Tony Awards ceremony at Radio City Music Hall.

Beginning with an opening number by the impish showman and incomparable Tony host Neil Patrick Harris (please, CBS, make him sign a lifetime contract!), the telecast found ways of selling Broadway’s wares to America while honoring the Great White Way’s stubbornly eccentric soul.” — L.A. Times

It’s worth a lunch-break watch.

Seriously, NPH is one heck of a talented guy.

3 thoughts on “The Latest Reason I Miss Cable: The Tonys edition

  1. Happy to see the Newsies made it into the opening act! Too bad my brother is out with a back injury, or he might’ve been there with them…

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