Currently: (Apparently Bored)

Reading: I started a new book! Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express.” Not the most thrilling; but determined to read through books that I have and “Catch 22” isn’t the lightest read. I needed a distraction. “Wild” is up next, promise.

Watching: Don’t you dare judge; but I’m alternating between “Gossip Girl” and “Newsroom” [yes, for the third time. (I told you not to judge.)]

Obsessing: Um, see above and you’ll understand why I’m crazy excited to see this new trailer.

Wanting: The weekend weather forecast to be wrong. I need sunny skies for a lot of outdoor plans! Brad Paisley and baseball are on my personal forecast. I need the weather to match.

Eating: Terribly. That’s all you need to know.

Fearing: That I have a very expensive doctor appointment in my future. You guys, my leg is NOT okay post Nashville Half Marathon and there is a very substantiated worry that this is a stress fracture. I may cry. An update of course once I find out.

Missing: SportsCenter. What in the world. I know. Yes, I adore sports. But I haven’t watched SportsCenter regularly in probably two years for no good reason other than, I guess I have been out of touch? Since I’ve cut cable that is ALL I want to watch.

Wanting: To go on a crazy trip out West. Can someone take me to Wyoming? Or Cali? Or Vegas? Okay, if not there; how about Greece?

Hoping: Tomorrow is a really, really, really, hands-down awesome day.

Accepting: That I need to stop letting people off of the hook so easily.

2 thoughts on “Currently: (Apparently Bored)

  1. OHOHOHOOH I liked this post… I might do one of these. I hope your leg is A-Okay and does not involve a huge expense from the doctors. Eating terribly happens, you’ll get back on track. YOU ARE SEEING BRAD PAISLEYYYYYYYY?!!?!? I hope the weather is good for you too! Although if the weather is bad, I’m sure Brad will brighten it up a bit 🙂

    (that was really corny, sorry)

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