Some days it’s easier to say than others, but I believe everything happens for a reason.

Tonight I’m thankful for unexpected the people you didn’t know you needed, who appear right when they could help you the most.

The past few weeks have been some of the most stressful that I think I’ve faced in a long time. Honestly, pardon the French, but May has been a bitch. Name any aspect of general life for a 24-year-old and I can give you a story for how this month had X, Y and Z challenges in every aspect. It’s a huge reason that you’ve not seen much writing on the blog since my race. I’ve tried to sweep the stress under the rug, but based on feedback from close friends, family and even co-workers—it’s confirmed that I’m a terrible actress. Luckily there is a “but” in this equation.

But: it’s just when you’re on the cusp of a breakdown that you find a breakthrough.

What has been arguably the hardest month of 2013 so far, has turned into being one of the most surprising. What I wanted to write off on May 20th as the worst month of the year, I’m now writing off as “the most rewardingly challenging.” See, it’s all about how you word it.

I do know that May is a curve in the path for me. May has been about changes. May has been about letting go. May has been about being vulnerable. Trusting. Enduring. Closing your eyes and hoping for the best. But one nice thing about May is that it has been about unexpected support. Surprising reminders.

It’s been easy in the midst of stress and anxiety to pray about all of these things with one eye open and clenched fists. Sometimes, as an admitted lover of control, it’s hard for me to let things go. And it’s really hard for me to hand things off to God to take care of.

This month, even with as detached as I have sometimes felt from God’s presence, He still managed to coordinate a gigantic relief. Just the time and just the way that I needed it.

Some things happen for perfect reason and at the perfect time and you can’t ask questions, all you can do is appreciate what just happened.

And tonight, I just know that everything happens for a reason. And that’s what gives me the grace to think that June? June is going to be a lot easier because of the sweat that May put me through : )

2 thoughts on “Some days it’s easier to say than others, but I believe everything happens for a reason.

  1. It is funny how just when you don’t think you can handle anything else…. a breeze of a blessing sweeps through that makes you think ‘Im tougher and stronger than I thought.’

    So glad June will be less-stressful and hopefully more enjoyable for you 🙂 At least the weather will be warmer, right?

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