Oh, man. I need to read.

Buzzfeed named their list of “65 Books You Need to Read in Your 20s” and I have ashamedly only read TWO.

Shame. shame. shame.

Luckily, I’m finishing up the books currently on my bookshelf.

How many have you read?

I’m considering adding Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” to the top of my list. Anyone read any of these 65 that are a definite personal recommendation?

5 thoughts on “Oh, man. I need to read.

  1. Wow…. I have read 6… so I need to read more too! And ‘Wild’ is AMAZING (that is actually one that I did read). It makes you want to set some outrageous goal and go for it. Great adventure story and makes you happy you are a woman 🙂

  2. Wild is absolutely amazing! I had the fortune to meet her and she’s just this incredible portrait of grace and all things awesome. Read it!

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