Hey, 20-Something Ladies. What do you think about this?

ThoughtCatalog (hit or miss for decent articles; totally admitting it) published a write-up today on the Seven Things Every Woman Should Accomplish in Her 20s.

And I actually love that they’re not really the contrite expected ones (in totality). Ask for a raise? That’s ballsy and I like that we’re pushing women to take responsibility for being their own advocate. Take a trip by yourself? Yes! Be independent. Embrace time to yourself. It’s amazing what you’ll learn.

But I have to say I don’t necessarily love all of the things. One in particular. And it’s the only one that I haven’t done. Can you guess which one?

How about you? Are you embracing this decade of life like you should based on this article?

One thing that you won’t find on this list that I would add is: Embrace your body.

And I mean that in the most holistic way possible. I don’t mean loving your curves, embracing your cellulite and accepting the foreshadowing of wrinkles.

I want girls to come to terms with the fact that your body is going to thrive or dive based on how you treat it.

Our 20s are the golden opportunity to pick up the good habits of vitamins, good sleep (I know, can’t point fingers here), exercise, eating healthy, understanding food, having an active lifestyle, making an effort to see how our actions affect our body.

Because, ladies–if you figure that out in your 20s, it’ll make life better than figuring it out in your 30s.

Alas, your body can’t fully function forever on Oreos and three hours of sleep like in college.

And luckily, I’m glad I’m figuring that out at 24.

One thought on “Hey, 20-Something Ladies. What do you think about this?

  1. Embrace your body…. yes, I def would have liked to see that on the list. Or Increase your confidence or something like that.

    I have already come to terms that I will have extremely wrinkly lines on my forehead. This is due to the fact that I crinkle my forehead a lot b/c I have a very anxious personality and get worried. worry lines. Bring it.

    I’ve actually done a lot on this list… Id have to say though I don’t really like the one ‘don’t take your parents advice.’ In my case, my parents really DO know what has been best for me and know me better than anyone else.

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