Day 1 without cable: “Budgets are really cramping my ability to keep up with the news.”

I finally sucked it up and took my cable box back to Time Warner Cable yesterday.

In an effort to really look at where my money is going and figure out how to better manage my finances, anything that’s not used to full-capacity is in the risk-to-cut column when it comes to bills.

Pay $108 a month for cable service that I probably only use a few days a week? Not really worth it. Especially when many of my self-critiquing comments are spent on how I wish I didn’t watch as much TV as I do.

I figured I could sacrifice my DVR, my high-definition picture, my TV guide button and the hundreds of channels that I didn’t use anyway to instead opt for a digital converter box. Cut to the meat and potatoes of TV if I even need it, and also save myself a lot of money in the long run.

Afterall, most of the shows I obsess enough about to watch live time — I can find them on the internet the next day.

So, today was day one of waking up and not turning on the news as I got ready.

Instead when I got to the office I sat down with my coffee and newspaper, and the glaring headline that the two Boston bombing suspects had finally been named and the public were being sought after for help.

Another 30 minutes later and a co-worker exclaimed, “The Boston car chase was insane; I can’t believe this.”

To which I said, “I know — they named the suspects!”

So. Far. Behind.

So, while it’s great that I don’t have TV. Already, day one, I see how maybe this is going to change my up-to-date knowledge.

Perhaps I should revisit my on-and-off again relationship with Twitter.

But all that said, I keep telling myself that next month when I have an extra $108 to slide into savings this will all be worth it. Now to go find a digital receiver box so that I can at least get basic news.

(Oye, I just added it up. . . $1,296 a year for television! Decision gratitude, right there.)

One thought on “Day 1 without cable: “Budgets are really cramping my ability to keep up with the news.”

  1. We cut our cable off 4.5 – 5 yrs ago and never looked back! It was hard at first, but well worth it in the end, we’ve saved that $100+ mos and opted instead to combine a Blockbuster online membership with Hulu plus and BAM we have all the entertainment we truly need!

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