Hey, second quarter 2013–what you got?

The first three months of 2013 flashed by in both fullness and quickness.

There were concerts, travels, late nights with friends and long days with work. There were goodbyes to some routines and there was an adjustment for healthier habits. The first three months of this year very clearly lived up to the jump start I was hoping 2013 would have.

Back in December I forecast that 2013 would be full of:

– Happy changes.

– Beautiful friendships (new and old). 

– Fun celebrations.

– Promises followed through.

– Adventurous travels.

– Getting out of the comfort zone.

– Being invested.

– Healthy growing up.

– Lots of love.

And, oh man, I was just scratching the surface.

But now, I have the next three months stretching ahead and it’s less defined. In the most immediate I’m pretty much beside myself with anticipation over a long weekend in Nashville for the County Music Half Marathon. Beside myself. Can’t wait. All I think about.

Nashville will wrap up April; but then there’s still May and June with a pretty wide open calendar.

I know that I’ll see my little brother graduate high school (big stuff); and I’ll start a summer of country music with Brooke and Tim McGraw. I’ll want to find some adventure for Memorial Day weekend and I’m desperate to go to a Braves game soon with the family.

In an effort to work better on my self budgeting I’m contemplating picking up a side part-time job–just a few hours here and there. My savings account has taken a bit (to put it lightly) of a hit from moving downtown. I just want to pick it back up. But an idea I’m toying with.

I still have a lot of 25 by 25s left to accomplish. So I’ll be writing a lot of handwritten letters. I’m reading more books (hello, Catch-22 — I need your plot line to pick up or I’m switching to some Agatha Christie).

I’m still hungry. 2013 has been full-steam and I anticipate no slow downs; there are a LOT of things happening in my life right now and, man, I’m excited to see how things have transpired by July.

Ending on a fun note; I just kind of want an excuse to be in a relationship to give someone this card because it’s almost as awkward as I am (maybe that’s the “vulnerable” 25 by 25, ha ha):

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