Today is good.

A best friend turns 25! Wow, over 20 years of friendship. That’s some longevity.

Dinner and drinks with good, new(ish) Winston-Salem friends. I’m always thankful that I have found good people here. It’s funny how close I feel to some new friends that I’ve only had for a few months. Best friend level, folks.

The tent is officially by the door.

There are bags of healthy snacks for the road trip.

Brother is coming to Winston tomorrow.

I had another day off of running and my legs, feet and tush finally feel normal again. No soreness, aches or pains. Darn you, hills.

There are multiple tabs on my computer open for diners, drive-ins and dives around Charleston.

Also, the weather forecast for the weekend is looking up!

Not to mention, a group of good friends from college are planning a June beach reunion.

And then lastly? Tomorrow is my Friday.


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