Countdown to Cooper River Bridge!

Just two days and we’ll be setting up camp in Charleston, S.C.!

Not only is it my first time tent camping in far too long. (I hope it’s the first of many instances this summer.) But, it’s the first trip my brother and I have taken just the two of us.

I’m excited for waking up to the birds and the sunrise. Hot tea and oatmeal. The ocean. Running 6 miles. Good music. Maybe some comedy club. And just enough good car time.

Fingers crossed for warm, sunny weather because I’m sick of feeling so pale. And also fingers crossed that I don’t forget any essentials.

Craziest thought is that after this race is over, the next one is the Nashville Half. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it; but after my 10-mile run on Monday I’m feeling confident.

This month is going to be so, so great. I just know it.

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