Money, money, money.

When I moved to a downtown apartment I compared all of the X and Y components of a budget and it seemed to even out. But I didn’t stop to think about the Z factor when it comes to being single, liking to be out a lot and living closely accessible to things to do. And that is a lifestyle that spends a lot eating out, going to bars, dropping everything and going on vacation.

Thus, life has cost more since the move.

It’s been a frustrating uphill battle to restore my savings account to what it once was (hard to believe) only a year ago. But new cars, furniture and moves happen. And none of them for free.

But now it’s more important. I’m having to decide if I’m going to stay at my current apartment this summer and regardless of the decision, I need to budget things better. (Hence the 25 by 25 financial to-do.)

So? Big decisions. Where can I cut back? The first place I’m trying is by cutting my cable next month in lieu of just using Netflix. (I don’t need to watch so much TV anyways and I hardly watch enough to justify the bill.)

The other thing is an enforced budget for eating out each week. And bars each week. And groceries each week.

It’s just the beginnings but I have to start chipping back some more to build back that emergency/rainy day fund.

Hopefully I will start feeling the first effects in two months!

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