Quatrefoil lusting.


I gave one of my best friends, Bridget, a quatrefoil necklace as a “thank you for being such an awesome friend for the past three years, hope you have more balance in your life these days” gift. The quatrefoil stands for a lot of wonderful things that I love: balance, symmetry, luck and of course it has the spiritual ties to the trinity and the cross. The version I gave Bridget was lovely. Silver. Handcrafted. Beautiful simplicity.

But I love this version too because I feel like it’s a little closer to my personal style. Some turquoise. A little gold. Really natural looking. I’ve wanted a necklace like Bridget’s ever since I gave her her version, and if I did . . . this one would be really nice.

2 thoughts on “Quatrefoil lusting.

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