A weekend of home.

This weekend was a quick trip out of Winston, to get back to the mountains. It was surprisingly the first time I had been home since New Year’s Eve. Shocker. The weekend entailed:

– Slumber party with best friend Michelle Friday night, which also included too much weird wine (to the left) that led to a lot of laughing

– The first time there was a solo Michelle/Ashley sleepover in a long, long time (love that girl)

– A fancy 25th Anniversary hurrah dinner for Mom & Dad Saturday night with all the family and extended family

– Bananagrams and watching “Hunger Games”

– Annoying my mom by pointing out all of the actors and actresses I knew or had a connection to in “Hunger Games”

– Lots of sleep

– Lots of Ruzzle (darn you addictive word games)

– Snow. All day. And all night. It was really pretty.

– Coffee with the parents, you can’t underestimate that on a weekend morning

– A beautiful 7-mile run that nearly killed me (it’s not the same running in 30-degree mountain air as it is in the Piedmont)

A great documentary

– Finding renewed motivation for healthier eating (fingers crossed)



Overall, home–you were really nice.

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