Getting healthy. Or, at the very least, trying.

Last week was the perfect storm of eating out. It was terrible (in the best way, of course). But it was at the least paired with some good workouts, a re-introduction to “Insanity,” a very strenuous 4.5-mile hike and finally a weekend-wrap up 5-mile run. Victory in physical forms. Less in eating forms.

But today, thanks to encouragement from officemate Victoria, I have a fun new water cup (seriously, we find motivation in the most simple ways) and am determined to up my water consumption.

I’m remembering to put on chapstick.

I’m lifting weights again.

Getting more sleep.

Going to paint my nails (it’s weird how that can make you feel more put together and focused).

And getting my butt to the gym in the morning. And hopefully, starting tomorrow, also in the evening. 10K is already on the calendar for April 6th and I’m feeling more and more confident for the half-marathon April 27th!

I figure with a 5-mile run this week, if I up my longest run by one mile each week I’ll have plenty of time to get up to par over the course of the next two months.

This girl refuses to be afraid of a swimsuit come the month of May.

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