All right, I’ve got to pull it together. Healthy, here I come.

I need to be able to say this on Thursday.

After a caving of KFC for dinner, I feel blech. Even embarrassed to admit I had KFC and while yes, it was tasty and quick. The guilt and sick tummy — not worth the feasting.

I’m not entirely sure what emotion I’m abusing the food with but you guys, I have been the worst since the holidays.

Sugar. Salt. Fat. Take-out. Rich food. Too much food.

Eating. Eating. Eating.

And while I’ve started back working out last week, it is extremely only halfway useful if I am eating like a slob! It is really, really hard for me to exhibit self control. I admittedly, struggle.

But that’s it. I have to draw a line.

Do I have a weight goal? Nope. But I definitely have a bikini goal! Tomorrow?

Insanity work-out one.

Run two of the week.

And a balanced breakfast. A balanced lunch. And a moderate dinner.

Keep me accountable, friends!

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